Why study with DP World Institute?

DP World Institute, headquartered in Dubai and with activities on six continents, is focused on delivering high performance outcomes to individuals and organisations using the best available methods, tools, expertise and resources for guidance and support. Courses are structured with flexibility to enable busy professionals to participate alongside work commitments, wherever their location, and incorporates online modules, workshops, case studies, coaching, assessments, practice/research based improvement projects and the tools to support ongoing career development.


Of the Industry… With a proud heritage tracing from its origins within the P&O Group and Dubai Ports, DP World Institute‘s diverse team of experts now run programmes in multiple languages for employees in charge of operations at over 65 marine terminals handling 60 million TEU. DP World understands the criticality of highly-skilled managers to the performance of the business. Whether improving productivity, managing people and resources, safety and the environment, or innovating to deliver heightened customer service, DP World Institute has been a trusted partner for decades in enabling growth by developing people.
For the industry… DP World Institute is open to everyone involved in today’s container supply chain. As an international centre of excellence in research and education, we are dedicated to equipping people with the knowledge, skills and tools in order to thrive in today’s modern terminal industry. Past graduates include numerous senior executives at the world’s busiest container ports. Our commitment to you is always to   offer stimulating and rewarding programmes that are highly relevant to your needs.
By the industry… DP World Institute works with leading international business schools, universities, regulated professional bodies, consultants and in-house experts to deliver high-performance outcomes to individuals and companies.With directly employed course leaders and expert faculty and activities on six continents, all programmes are developed to deliver real and lasting benefits. Learning is improved and   refined continuously through evidence and research on both the effectiveness of training to operational performance and through integrating leading-edge practice and innovation into programme objectives and design. The emphasis remains grounded on what works / is fit for the future in the real world context of the modern container transport supply chain.We are confident that by participating in our programmes you will be ready to excel in managing terminal operations.